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DIW Encantos Natuales

Natural Hair Products

We are a company that creates natural hair and skincare products. All three owners have in the past worked for several years as Vendors/Brand Ambassadors for various Health/Beauty Brands or worked as a Cosmetologist. Our goal is to bring to our customers natural products that actually produce results as our consumers strive to achieve their goals! 


HeartBreak Clinic 

Health & Wellness

Our aim is to help you let go, improve your confidence, and discover a new way of connecting with others. We create courses, challenges, articles, and tools for women who have lost their way and need to regain their sense of confidence, direction, and value. We understand that women are carer givers and sacrifice much for the love and well-being of others. Unfortunately, giving without receiving and rejection can cause us to lose a sense of who we are. The devastation of a breakup can leave us shattered and unable to move forward. We provide the structure and support needed to take your power back


CP Speaks, LLC

Motivational Books

Calvin Purnell Jr. writes an inspirational guide that all young professionals should carry as a reference when starting their careers. In order to be successful in any area of life, you have to prepare for it. Many people try jumping into deep waters only knowing how to dog paddle. Dog paddling can save people yes but learning how to tread water, float, hold your breath for extended periods, and swimming in depths unknown can help you prepare for swimming in the ocean. 

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Raw Fog

CBD Products

Raw Fog is a CBD brand owned by 2 black women and our home base is in Brewerytown Philly! We specialize in products that promote wellness overall. From CBD massage candles, CBD Herbal & Wellness Teas (non CBD options available), and multiple strands of CBD Hemp flower. Our goal is to educate and facilitate conversations surrounding benefits of cannabis consumption.

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PS...It's Natural LLC

Natural Hair Products

A family brand creating homemade natural hair care products you can trust.

“It’s Not Just Hair”

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Mo's Cheesecake


Delicious cakes, made to order and delivered to your house.


We have a variety of cakes to choose from including Chocolate Mousse, Red Velvet and Vanilla Bean and more

Don't wait to order one of our mouth-watering cakes today!